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Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

10 manners exacerbate memory

10 manners exacerbates memory

who says disease of memory if he doesn't remember that only for old. because they are that still young even also can get disease of memory . i believe that you are so ashamed when you forget something and your friends said tou you, are you o;d man????

many factors that be oblivion disturbance appearance mastermind, begin from food consumption, job that congest with another bustles.

bot to mention with young person intimacy with various modern technology ware. cellular telephone, computer, e-mail, and internet, mentioned over and over as technology apparatus that can force body and brain then work during 24 clocks.

well, the noise activity be called they say can trigger lost it brain ability to recollect. but so, oblivion disturbance permanent can be overcome, . with follow several tip simple this, may disease forget can be avoided:

1. self focus to hear and lessen to speak. the paragraph, with hearing will push us to be more will consentrate.

2. diet by discipline. do to diet as well by consuming rich food protein, beside also fruit and vegetable, will give 'energy injection for brain.
3. try to decrease even may be avoid association with them always berpikiran negative. on the contrary develop always positive thinking. because think positive that can filter brain work process.

4. void to consuming tall fatty food. cz fats can clog artery channel middle supply blood to brain.

5. read, more and more. well-re with interlarded to play puzzle be practice very both for brain. hence, against time free you with various reading

6. drink vitamin, especially vitamin e and supplement that contain zinc element. various watchfulness show if second element can help to delay process penuaan early with increase memory ability.

7. don't consuming alcohol redundantly. too much alcohol will kill brain cells inch by inch.

8. plan always interacted activity with another person. because the name bersosialisasi that they say can chase away to feel slack in brain.

9. void to consuming unnecessary medicines . demote heavy body, blood pressure, with cholesterol degree in body sometimes effectiveer with diet and sport than medicines. besides try to study and detect side effects from medicines whom you drink. for example barbiturate, it can cause to lost it memory.

10. try to schedule sport routinely in your agenda. the paragraph, activity can launch blood circulation to brain.

well, don't be forgetful person when you still young ok!